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Here you will find news about Dark & Cold’s activities and other fun and exciting happenings in the dark and the cold.

2019-Feb-10 The world’s coolest seminar

15 February 2019 15:00 -17:00 hours Campus Skellefteå, local A193 in A building Program: 15.00 Behind the scenes – “The Happy Friends of Dark And Cold “- Lars Westerlund 15.20 Travel guide for visitors to the winter climate. Europe’s best “Leader” project? – Jarkko Enqvist 15.40 Coffee and the world’s coolest mingle 16.00 Winter swimming […]

2017-Feb-19 Successful world cup competition in Skellefteå

On February 11, 2017 the association Dark & Cold held for the sixth consecutive year The Open Scandinavian Championship in winter swim. The competition, which was held in Skellefteå was also included for the second year in the World Cup. – Winter Swim in Skelleftea growing year by year and now we had about 400 starters from […]

2017-Jan-29 Hat competition again

Hat competition again this year for all participants in the Winter swimming competition! To participate you just need to show up with hat at registration Saturday, February 11th between the hours. 9: 00-12: 00, where you will be photographed. Jury selects the winner of the day and the award ceremony takes place in conjunction with the award […]

2017-Jan-29 The world champion comes to Skellefteå

For this year’s World Cup race in winter swimming in Skelleftea, many strong winter swim profiles will come. One of them is the multiple world champion Anna-Carin Nordin. In 2013 she became the first woman in the world who completed the prestigious “Ocean’s Seven,” which she performed over three years. The challenge includes seven channel swims […]

2017-Jan-29 Swimmers from 21 nations take part in the World Cup in Skellefteå

When the World Cup in winter swimming is taking place in Skellefteå on Saturday, February 11 there are around 470 starters and swimmers from 21 countries. Last year it was about 300 starters and participants from 16 countries, the event has grown a lot this year. The competition starts 10:00 and lasts until about 15:00. The awards ceremony takes place […]

2016-Oct-27 World Cup in Winterswimming in Skellefteå

On February 11, 2017 Dark & Cold wall arrange The Scandinavian Championship in winter swimming for the sixth time and it is also one of six races included in the World Cup. – We are very pleased to have got this confidence from the International Winterswimming Association. Last year we had participants from 15 nations at the […]

2016-Aug-25 Mikael Nilsson in Memory

Association For Dark and Cold have lost their ideas man and visionary at the same time a working ant. Michael had a huge heart, and found it extremely difficult to say no. So it was always a bit risky to say that we will have a lunch meeting this coming Tuesday or after work on […]

2016-Feb-10 Seminar about cold and darkness

On fridag 12 of februari 13.00-16.00 there is a free seminar  about cold and darkness in the city hall, room E4 with: – Worldchampions in winterswimming Anna-Carin Nordin och Christof Wandratch – Alexander Jakovlev from IWSA – Winter yoga experts Jim Nyberg och Svante Eriksson – Jarkko Enqvist och Olaf Schneider from Dark & Cold – […]

2016-Feb-07 New main sponsor of the competition

Open Scandinavian Championship and the World Cup competition in Skellefteå now has a new main sponsor. It is now BioCool from Skelleftea that is supporting the event. Skellefteå municipality and newspaper Norran are also main sponsors. www.skelleftea.se www.norran.se www.biocool.com

2016-Feb-07 Competitors from 16 countries

Never before have contestants from so many countries been represented in the Open Scandinavian Championship. At the starting line of the race that also is a part of the World Cup stands swimmers from 16 countries, namely Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Germany, France, New Zealand, Austria, Brazil, Britain, Denmark, France, Russia, Poland, Canada and Spain.

2016-Feb-07 Hat competition again

Last year’s hat contest during the winter swimming competition was a success. Therefore, we are doing it again this year. A jury selects the winner presented at the awards ceremony at. 16:00 on Saturday.

2015-Apr-20 Successful Scandinavian Winter Swimming Championships

  On 7 February the association Dark & Cold held the Open Scandinavian Championships in Winter Swimming in Skellefteå with about 200 swimmers. Participants from nine countries were on hand to atribute for the medals. Alar Lodi and Aivar Rosenberg, Estonia and Sinne Lundgaard, of Denmark, were the championship’s most successful swimmers with four gold […]

2015-Jan-29 Hat competition

In connection with the Scandinavian Championship in Wintersim 2015 we also arrange a hat competition for swimmers. The hats / caps will be judged on how creative, imaginative and amusing they are. Moreover, the cap should be functional in the water. Registration for the hat contest takes place in connection with the registration during the […]

2015-Jan-29 German world champion competing in Skellefteå

  A real big star in the sport will be attending the Scandinavian Championship in Winter Swimming. It’s German Christof Wandratsch, reigning world champion at both 450 meters and 50 meters vintersim and previous fastest in the world over the English Channel.

2014-Jul-04 Scandinavian Championship 2015

A Winter Swimming Competition is being organized on Saturday 7 February 2015 in Skellefteå. This is the Scandinavian Championship. Last year we had approximately 120 winter swimmers and this year we hope to double that figure. The competition is being organized in close cooperation with the Association “ Skelleftesim “, Skellefteå municipality and the newspaper […]

2013-Sep-26 Scandinavian Winter swimming Championships 2014

A Winter Swimming Competition is being organized on Saturday 8 February, for the third consecutive year in Skellefteå. This is the Scandinavian Championship. Last year we had approximately 120 winter swimmers and this year “The Happy Friends of Dark and Cold” hope to double that figure. The competition is being organized in close cooperation with […]

2013-Sep-26 Film about Ice Swimming in Africa

Swedish TV4 Fakta and MTV3 in Finland will the 24th of november show a documentary film about the first African Ice Swimming Championship. A compettition arranged by the team behind Big Steve from England and Dark & Cold. http://www.darkandcold.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=582&action=edit  

2013-Sep-26 John Lule the fastest African ice swimmer

The First African Championship in ice swimming was held on the 11th May in the Ugandan town of Jinja. A swimming pool was filled with about 50 tons of ice and 50 swimmers competed for the title. Fastest of all was 16-year-old John Lule who won the price which was a trip to next year’s […]

2012-Oct-21 Launch of new website

Today Dark & Cold launched a new website. On it, it will be possible to follow the activities of the association and also receive news about other fun and exciting happenings in the dark and the cold. This page has been built by the association’s webmaster Olaf Schneider.