Dark & Cold

2016-Aug-25Mikael Nilsson in Memory

Association For Dark and Cold have lost their ideas man and visionary at the same time a working ant.

Michael had a huge heart, and found it extremely difficult to say no. So it was always a bit risky to say that we will have a lunch meeting this coming Tuesday or after work on Friday, Michael always said YES it will be nice and then he would call and say unfortunately he could not come. One would think it was self-inflicted when it had been agreed to have an after work meeting with a man who never stopped working. Michael was the one who lived in the moment and he made it into the end. Admirable.

Thule In was created as the first packaging concepts in tourism. Then there was Winter Swimming and from houseboats to house building and holiday villages. He was a role model for us through that, despite dyslexia to graduate, despite the stuttering giving presentations to large groups, despite a lack of time, all the time making new friends and creating business opportunities. Michael was not so careful when it came to details such times while he never forgot the details of the talks and plans for new operations.

Having gotten to know Michael has been a privilege.

Jarkko Enqvist

Director and co-founder of the Association of Darkness and of cold Cheerful Friends