Dark & Cold

Dark & Cold

We are the Happy Friends of Cold and Darkness.

We work on a voluntary basis to develop positive experiences in those parts of the world that have a prolonged period of darkness and cold.

This is about, cooperation with other players, to further ennoble darkness and cold into something that enriches the lives of both those who live in these areas and for those who have the privilege of visiting this part of the world.

Current projects:



Open Scandinavian Winter Swimming Championships

On 10-11 February 2024, the Open Scandinavian Championship in winter swimming, which is part of the World Cup, will be held for the twelfth time in Skellefteå.

There are many enthusiastic winter swimmers around the world who look forward to participating in the competition that is to be carried out here. This year the competition will be held at Kurjovikens Havsmarina  (Brädgårdsvägen 2
932 33 Skelleftehamn). 
64°41’00.1″N 21°13’08.4″E

Some years, participants from about 20 nations have settled for the titles in  0.2-degree water. The organizers expect about 400 competitors to swim the distances 25, 50,100 or 200 meters in the ice pool. In addition, there will be  relays of 4 times 25 meters. The competition will be inaugurated on the evening of February 9. The appreciated competitions poetry in wake and music in wake will follow.

 More information about the competition and registration: www.vintersim.se