Dark & Cold

2017-Jan-29The world champion comes to Skellefteå

For this year’s World Cup race in winter swimming in Skelleftea, many strong winter swim profiles will come. One of them is the multiple world champion Anna-Carin Nordin. In 2013 she became the first woman in the world who completed the prestigious “Ocean’s Seven,” which she performed over three years. The challenge includes seven channel swims without a wetsuit on seven different continents. This has previously only been cleared of Irishman Stephen Redmond.

The same year she also struck Sally Bauer old Swedish record of 1951 over the English Channel. Anna-Carin swam the distance in 12 hours and 59 seconds. She also has the world record as the Ice Swimmer in 2012 when she swam 1.6 kilometers in four degree water in 31 minutes and 18 seconds.

Another winter swim profile that comes to Skellefteå is the Frenchman Alexandre Fuzeau who goes by the nickname Ice Doctor.