Dark & Cold

2019-Feb-10The world’s coolest seminar


15 February 2019 15:00 -17:00 hours

Campus Skellefteå, local A193 in A building


15.00 Behind the scenes – “The Happy Friends of Dark And Cold “- Lars Westerlund

15.20 Travel guide for visitors to the winter climate.

Europe’s best “Leader” project? – Jarkko Enqvist

15.40 Coffee and the world’s coolest mingle

16.00 Winter swimming around the world, Alexandr Yakovlev. IWSA

16.20 “How to freeze yourself slim “

Fredrik Nyström, Professor, Linköping University

17.00 Completion and access to the inauguration of the race in winter swim

Organizer: “The Happy Friends of Dark and Cold

FREE admission